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How to make a simple touchscreen phone in Photoshop

Orientation: Intermediate
Estimated Hour(s):2-3 hours(depends on your experience)

Final Result

Step 1: Create a document 640 x 480 and a white background with 100 res.
Step 2: Make a new layer and use the rounded rectangular tool(U) make the shape like the image below. Rename it "base".

Step 3. Now use the move tool(v) and press ctrl t then right click and select perspective. Follow the image shape below.

Step 4. Duplicate the base layer and name it metallic. Use the Paint Bucket tool (G) and use the light grey color to the metallic layer.Move the metallic layer over the base layer.

Step 5. Press ctrl + click base layer, and make a new layer above the metallic layer name it white. Navigate select ->Modify -> Expand : 1px.

Step 6. Select the metallic layer, right click and select blending options then select Gradient Overlay. Enter the following settings.

Step 7. Select white layer, right click and select blending options. Enter the following settings.

Step 8.Now open a picture that you like, this will be our screen. Copy the picture and paste it to the working area, it should be above of the base layer. Use the distort tool to re size the image. (Edit-Transform-Distort).

Step 9.Make a layer above the picture, name it reflection. Press ctrl(hold) and click the picture layer to make a selection. Activate the reflection layer. Use the brush tool(b) soft brush(300px) use it to the reflection layer. Then use the Pen tool(P) make a shape like the image below.
Use the brush tool in the upper right to make a reflection.

Step 10. For the button and the speaker. Create a new layer, name it speaker. Use the rounded rectangular tool(U) and create the image like I did. After placing the right corner right click and select blending options.Enter the following settings.

For the button. It is similar to the step 10. Just create a new layer name it button and organize the blending options and the distortion.

The Final Result.

If you have some questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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