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How to create a text refection in Photoshop

Lear how to create a Simple Text Refection.

Final Result : I apologize I've enter a wrong word it should be "REFLECTION" just stick on the following steps. :)

Step 1:

Open your photoshop, and create a new document.

Step 2:

Create a New Layer and named it "Base Text."

Step 3:

Then Select the Horizontal Type Tool ( or press T to activate ).

Step 4:

Type what ever you want. Then Duplicate ( right click on the layer and select duplicate layer ) the "Base Text" layer. And named it "Text Reflect."

Step 5:

Drag the "Text Reflect" under the "Base Text". It should be the Base text is in the upper corner.

Step 6:

Press V to activate Move tool, then drag the text reflect in the working area below the base text.

Step 7:

In the menu, navigate Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical. It should be like the image below.

Step 8:

In the Text Reflect Layer, Right click and select "Blending Options" and activate "Gradient Overlay" and apply the following settings.

Step 9:

In the Text Reflect layer, set the opacity 50% and you are done.


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